Investing in Qatar's Future

In the coming years Qatar will see significant growth in the importation of raw materials and goods, underscoring the need for a new advanced commercial port facility. The New Port, strategically located outside the capital city of Doha, will be a world-class facility, a leader in state-of-the-art technologies and a vital component of Qatar's economic infrastructure.

As Qatar heads toward hosting the World Cup in 2022, the New Port Project continues its path toward operational readiness by 2016; reflecting the country's ambitious expansion plans envisaged in the Qatar National Vision 2030. In turn, master planning for the New Port is closely aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030 pillars of environmental, economic, human and social development.

Balancing development with protection of the environment is a key concern for the New Port and construction is taking place with environmental preservation paramount; multiple simulation studies, physical modeling, geotechnical and metoceanic analysis and in-depth environmental studies have been undertaken in order to facilitate a responsible implementation of the project.

As a major gateway to Qatar, and a significant investment in the country's future, the New Port will serve the expanding trade needs of Qatar, supporting key objectives set forward in the Qatar National Vision 2030 and acting as a catalyst for export industry development. Major components of the New Port Project include:

The New Port

Developed in multiple phases, the New Port will comprise three container terminals with an eventual combined annual capacity in excess of six million containers. The 19 billion Qatari Riyal project will not only cater to the expected growth in container traffic, but also accommodate:

  • general cargo traffic,

  • vehicle imports,

  • livestock imports,

  • bulk grain imports,

  • offshore support vessels,

  • coast guard vessels, and

  • a marine support unit.

Naval Base

The New Port will also be a centre for Qatar's Maritime security. A new base for the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces will be built offshore of the New Port, providing berthing for Qatar's Navy and visiting naval vessels from around the world. The Base will offer technical support, comprehensive logistic facilities, material support accommodation and recreational services.

Qatar Economic Zone 3 Canal

The Qatar Economic Zone 3 (QEZ3), a self-contained development with industrial and residential facilities, will also be located adjacent to the New Port. As an essential element of Qatar's development goals and objectives, the QEZ3 will be an important gateway into Qatar, providing an economic hub around the Port for manufacturing, logistics and trade across a number of industrial sectors and in turn fostering import and export synergy.

New Port Project Facts

The New Port Project site stretches over 26km2.

Capacity of Multi-Use Terminals :

  • General Cargo - 1.7 million tonnes per year.

  • Grain Facility - 1 million tonnes per year.

  • Vehicle Terminal 500,000 vehicles per year.

  • Livestock

  • The port basin will be approximately 3.8km in length, 700m wide and 17m deep. In total, 70 million m3 of granular material will be excavated; enough to fill 25,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.