• Zero Injury Philosophy
    Informal meetings, or toolbox talks, educate
    workers about creating and maintaining
    safer work conditions and are an
    important part of the New Port Project's
    commitment to a zero injury philosophy.
  • Onsite Safety Presence
    A visible presence is a key element of the
    New Port Project's management of onsite
    safety and the larger commitment to the
    'safety for life' philosophy.

Safety & Health

Building the New Port is a complex task defined by a continually changing environment and the use of heavy, moving equipment. Considerable technical complexity, coupled with Qatar’s extreme weather conditions, create an often harsh and difficult working environment. To combat these challenges the New Port Project has adopted an integrated safety, health and environment (SH&E) management system designed to identify, eliminate and minimise risks.

The New Port Project is dedicated to the philosophy that all injuries are preventable. The safety and health of both those working to build the New Port, and the public, is the predominant priority, and SH&E management starts and ends with the concept of 'Safety for Life.'

Safety for Life

'Safety for Life' is a proactive way of thinking and is grounded by the concept of identifying risks during the planning and design phases in an effort to eliminate danger during the construction phase. Through continuous communication between all stakeholders the New Port Project's dedication to a zero injury philosophy is guided by a commitment to ensuring the New Port is a safe place to work.

The New Port Project is passionate about safeguarding the safety and health of every employee. As part of their orientation, each employee is required to view the Project's 'Safety for Life' video; available in Arabic, English, Hindi and Mandarin, this short video has been designed to underscore the Project owner's conviction that each employee is empowered to intervene if they see something wrong, to speak up if they feel they are in danger and to take action to prevent themselves, and others around them, from being harmed.

At the New Port, safety is part of the core framework and cultivating a safety culture is the number one priority. In the words of Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Noaimi, Chairman of the New Port Project Steering Committee, the Project owner's are committed to ensuring that "each and every employee stays safe."

Safety Milestones

Successful site-wide implementation of the AECOM accredited SH&E management system; this system is designed to help prevent workplace accidents, reduce negative impacts to the environment and minimise work related risks.

‘Safety for Life’ induction video delivered in multiple languages to all Project employees.

Continuous communication between all stakeholders to ensure that the New Port is a safe place to work.